Benefits of Frozen Dough Technology

The use of frozen dough technology is becoming increasingly popular with bakeries across APAC, driven by consumers’ desires for fresh breads and a variety of products to choose from.

The advantages of using frozen dough include convenient bake off processes and greater responsiveness to changing consumer demands. Bakers can also guarantee consistent quality in their products across outlets.

Additionally, frozen dough is a cost-efficient choice—bakeries can employ fewer skilled in-store bakers since base bread dough is already prepared and ready to use. Frozen dough also allows bakeries to be more responsive to consumer needs, avoiding occurrences of running out of stock or over-stocking—which leads to wastage.

Furthermore, frozen dough ensures that bakeries and food services can conveniently bake multiple batches of products throughout the day. This helps them to better meet customer demands for freshly baked goods.

Moreover, frozen dough technology helps create new market opportunities. Bakers can widen their distribution area and expand their product range to consistently add new bread products. Expanding a product range is easier thanks to the flexibility of frozen dough—the same frozen base dough can be adapted to meet different consumer preferences in terms of shape, size, fillings and toppings.

Wondering how to start incorporating frozen dough technology into your bakery?

Our Baking Center specialists are always on hand to provide support. You can also explore our comprehensive collection of baking solutions for frozen dough products, our line of frozen yeasts from Saf Semi-dry® and L’hirondelle, as well as our selection of bread improvers.

Watch the video below to learn the various ways you can benefit from frozen dough technology.

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