Fresh Yeast

What is Fresh Yeast?

Fresh yeast comes in liquid, crumbled and compressed forms. Each of these forms have different particle sizes and are easily added during the mixing process.

In Asia Pacific, compressed yeast is the go-to choice for both industrial and craft bakers due to its practicality.


The rich flavour that fresh yeast provides is only one of its many advantages!

Easy to Use

Fresh yeast can be incorporated into your dough mix with no preparation needed.


Suitable for a wide variety of baking applications.


Maintains stability and shelf life for up to two weeks when stored at 4°C.

How You Can Use Fresh Yeast

Incorporate fresh yeast into your recipes for rich, delicious bread.

As fresh yeasts are best used within a week of storage in your fridge, they’re the ideal choice when you'll be baking often or in large amounts, such as the holidays. This is why fresh yeast is also known as a "special occasion yeast,"

Professional bakers tend to say this yeast is the best yeast for bread, as it adds a more robust flavour.

To use it in a recipe that calls for dry yeast, double the amount, crumble it and let it soften and dissolve in whatever liquid the recipe calls for (warm the liquid to just lukewarm) before adding it to your dry ingredients. Always soften or dissolve fresh yeast in liquids before mixing, or it will not distribute evenly throughout the dough.


Here are some tips to help you consider if fresh yeast is right for you:

Must be stored under 10°C. You will need established cold chain logistics and transportation to accommodate this.

Does not require activation or hydration.

Higher perishability compared to dry or frozen yeast.

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