What is Nevada?

Nevada Instant Dry Yeast is a product with sustained quality and a long storage period with consistently high performance guaranteed at every bake. Unlike fresh yeast, Nevada Instant Dry Yeast keeps its enzymatic activity throughout its two-year shelf life, helping you produce consistently exceptional bread over time.

Why Nevada?

Make Nevada Instant Dry Yeast a staple in your recipes.

Highly Adaptable

Nevada is designed to be compatible with all manufacturing processes, making it a versatile and convenient ingredient for bakers.

Consistent Fermentation

Nevada Instant Dry Yeast boasts stable and consistent fermentation powers across different climates and cultures.

Good Oven Spring

Look forward to optimal oven spring when baking, resulting in bread with a light, airy crumb and a full, balanced shape.

How You Can Use Nevada

Here’s how you can make the best of Nevada as a convenient and reliable addition to your baking process.

Nevada is ready to use as is; simply mix in flour or incorporate into your dough when kneading. Best used for baking products with sugar content of up to 10% of flour weight.

Use 0.9-1.2% Nevada Instant Dry Yeast on flour weight, and adjust accordingly for different recipes, processes and ambient temperatures.

As a quick-acting dry yeast, Nevada requires no special storage or transport conditions. Be sure to avoid direct contact with fat and iced water during the baking process.


Here are some tips to help you consider if Nevada instant dry yeast is right for you:

Packaged in a 500g vacuum-sealed bag.

24-month shelf life in its original packing, in a dry and cool place.

Nevada Instant Dry Yeast Product

With Nevada, you can bake with ease and confidence daily.

Nevada Instant Dry Yeast

A quick-acting and ready-to-use dry yeast formula with sustained quality and ideal enzymatic activity.

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