Bread Improvers

What is Bread Improvers?

Our range of bread improvers are formulated to make bakers’ work easier, while enhancing the quality of the final products. Bread improvers alter how dough acts at every stage of bread-making. This is done using a tailored blend of emulsifiers, oxidants, reducing agents and enzymes.


Our line of bread improvers gives you superior results with minimal hassle.

Enhance Bread Quality

Enjoy more appealing colour and crust in your breads, with extra softness and flavour.

Ideal Dough Properties

Get better extensibility and relaxation in your dough, along with stronger tolerance and higher volume.

Long Shelf Life

Lesaffre bread improvers can extend the shelf life of your bread products, giving you more storage options.

How You Can Use Bread Improvers

Look forward to superb results with the most effective ingredient solutions to suit your needs as a baker.

Ensure optimal functional qualities in your bread with improvers designed for softness, volume, extensibility and much more.

Bring the best out of your dough across a range of applications and processes, including frozen and chilled.

Tackle specific issues with your dough through solutions to guarantee anti-flaking, anti-moulding and anti-blistering properties.


Here are some tips to help you consider if Lesaffre’s bread improvers are right for you:

Available in 10kg bags.

Can be mixed directly into your flour preparation.

Shelf life of 24 months.

Our Range of Bread Improvers

Simplify your bread-making with Lesaffre’s bread improvers!


Find the perfect improver for your recipes, based on baking process and flour type.

IBIS® Dough Improver

Specially formulated to meet Asian consumers’ taste for soft, fluffy breads.

Take Your Baking to a New Level

Learn how our products can be customised to meet your unique baking needs.