Bread Softener

What is a Bread Softener?

Lesaffre’s bread softener is the best choice for bakers wanting to achieve a softer bread or pastry. It also helps to extend the products’ shelf life by regulating humidity, Lesaffre’s bread softener is used in tandem with improvers to produce the best results possible in your baked products.


Create tender, scrumptious breads with our bread softener formulations.

Increase Softness

Look forward to a softer and more tender texture when baking soft buns, flaky pastries, fluffy Asian breads and more!

Extended Shelf Life

Bread softener delays the decline of flour quality in your dough and regulates humidity, ensuring that baked products stay fresh longer.


Our bread softener requires no extensive preparation or activation and can be added into your flour mix directly.

How You Can Use Bread Softener

Enjoy exceptional finished products with every bake.

Bring the best out of your dough for soft breads across a range of applications and processes, including frozen and chilled.

Use bread softener in combination with other bread improvers from Lesaffre to achieve the best desired characteristics for your baked products.

Small amounts of bread softener in your recipe is sufficient to produce tender, appetising loaves and pastries.


Here are some tips to help you consider if our bread softener is right for you:

20g, 500g and 10kg packs.

Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.

Halal certified.

Our Range of Bread Softeners

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