Selecting the Ideal SAF-INSTANT® Yeast

First launched nearly 50 years ago, the SAF-INSTANT® range of instant dry yeast continues to revolutionise the lives of bakers around the world.

SAF-INSTANT® products offer a host of benefits including superior fermentation power, optimum baking results and guaranteed consistency in delivering top-quality finished products.

With a range of SAF-INSTANT® yeast available, how can you identify which one would best suit your recipe? Here’s our handy guide based on different bread-making needs.

If you’re working with dough containing over 20 percent sugar on flour weight, we recommend SAF-INSTANT® Blue. This is ideal for very sweet dough such as pandesal and roti manis.

SAF-INSTANT® Gold is the best option when you’re baking with moderately sweet dough containing 5-20 percent sugar on flour weight, like brioche and filled buns.

SAF-INSTANT® Red is your instant yeast of choice for dough containing under 5 percent sugar on flour weight, perfect for pizza bases and baguette recipes.

Watch the video below for an overview.

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